GOT MUSIC? We sure do!! Please feel free to download and print these listings of some of the most requested songs that we play at almost every function. We currently maintain a wide variety of music; from smooth jazz, to today's Top 40 dance music, selections from the Big Bands, the 50's and the 60's, top dance hits of the 70's and the 80's, right on through the 90's, and up to all the top hits of today!!

Download Mobile Beat Most Requested Songs of All-Time  

Download Wedding Reception Formality Song List 

Download Karaoke Song List  

Click to be directed to for lists of new music selections

Click to be directed to for lists of new music selections

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Canít find the song your looking for? Yeah, itís possibleÖ.if you donít see a certain song in this listing, please bear in mind that these listings only represent a small portion of the music that we provide for every event. We are capable of getting any song that you require for you function. Itís best to get us these songs prior to your event. However, we also have the capability, via internet connection, to download music while at your functions!! A.E.P. Disc Jockey's are also members of ERG Music and Promo-Only DJ music providers and we receive all the latest music even before it hits the radio. In other words, thereís no need to worry about not hearing the songs that you love!!


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